Installation with Ansible

1.Install Ansible role

> ansible-galaxy install vbotka.rcb

2.Configure variables

Examples of playbooks and variables are available at RCB. Edit and change at least following variables.

  • rcb_BCK_HOST and rcb_BCK_DST in vars/rcb.yml
  • rcb_BCK_DST in vars/rcb-backup-server.yml
  • rcb_privatekey_passphrase in vars/rcb.yml
  • rcb_cert_CN in vars/rcb.yml
  • hosts in playbooks/rcb.yml
  • hosts in playbooks/rcb-backup-server.yml

3.Run Ansible playbooks

Following workflow was tested with Ubuntu(local Backup-Client) and FreeBSD (remote Backup-Server).

  1. Create SSH keys at Backup-Clients and stores the public keys at the localhost
> ansible-playbook ~/.ansible/playbooks/rcb.yml -t phase1
  1. Configure the ssh access of Backup-Clients to Backup-Server. Store the public keys of Backup-Clients, created in phase1, into the ~/rcb_BCK_USER/.ssh/authorized_keys.
> ansible-playbook ~/.ansible/playbooks/rcb-backup-server.yml
  1. Configure the Backup-Clients.
> ansible-playbook ~/.ansible/playbooks/rcb.yml -t phase2

Test installation

Run tests and check /var/log/rcb.log for potential errors

> ansible-playbook ~/.ansible/playbooks/rcb.yml -t testall